HTH Consulting LLC
Academic Editing Services

We support authors publishing journal articles, manuscripts, presentations, newsletters, and book proposals, providing the following skills:

  • Developmental Editing
    • Review outlines
    • Focus on content: Does the material flow in a logical order; is it readable, interesting, and understandable?
  • Copy Editing
    • Tighten prose without sacrificing style
    • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Tools
    • Word
    • Acrobat
    • Powerpoint

For manuscripts, we can work on either a chapter-by-chapter basis or start with a complete first draft.

For journal articles, we support a variety of publication styles, including APA and MLA.

For grant proposals, we check your content against the requirements document, in addition to our usual editing services.

We edit in a variety of academic fields, including the sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, averaging five pages per hour for a first pass, depending upon the level of editing required. A second pass usually takes a third of the time, depending upon the amount of new material.

"HTH Consulting's assistance in preparing materials for publication helps authors in all stages of the writing process. Prompt and professional, they are an excellent resource for academic writers."

Dr. Adriana Helbig, Assistant Professor of Music, University of Pittsburgh