HTH Consulting LLC

Grant Development Consultation

You have the passion and the vision. We translate your vision into a grant proposal that foundations will fund. Together we analyze the strengths and challenges of your organization and program/project, creating a proposal that answers all of the potential funder's questions in a positive and supportable light.

We work with you to produce a master proposal that can then be customized on the fly for specific grant opportunities.


Academic Editing Services

We work with you to produce professional, clearly-organized materials for publication, including articles, presentations, manuscripts, and grant proposals. The skills we offer include:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing

Technical Writing and Editing Services

Specializing in cloud computing and network management, we offer over 20 years' experience creating, editing, and producing hardware and software manuals, online help, wiki content, job aids for translating IT processes for end users, and managing documentation projects.







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